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About Queretaro Guest House:

The idea for the Querétaro Guest House came to me years ago when I first arrived in Querétaro, Mexico. At the time I was a Spanish student and I was looking for a nice, clean and safe place to rent in the centro histórico of the city, near the Spanish school I was studying at. The first problem I found was that if you do not speak Spanish (which I dídn't at the time) there was almost no way of communicating with any of the landlords. Then even if I was able to get somebody to translate for me, the furnished places I found had outrageously high prices or were only interested in renting for a minimum of a 6 month lease.

After days of searching, I was forced to live a little bit outside of the centro historico and commute on a public bus to get to the where I needed to go everyday. In the centro historico of Querétaro, Mexico there were simply no places that met those needs. Now many years later, I got married to a Mexican, lived in other parts of Mexico, and recently came back. I was disappointed to hear from all the students, businessmen and tourists that there still was no affordable place to rent for short-term, mid-term or long-term in the centro historico of Querétaro. So the Querétaro Guest House was born. There is no longer the need to try to arrange accommodations in a language you may not speak, or to pay the outrageous prices charged by most hotels or furnished apartments. Our goal is to provide our guests with clean, comfortable and affordable budget accommodations for people who are planning on staying for short or extended periods of time in Querétaro, Mexico and are looking for a place to call home. Make your reservation today!

The minimum stay at the Querétaro Guest House is 1 week. If your stay with us at the Querétaro Guest House for less than 4 weeks, the weekly rates will apply. If you would like to rent a room at the Querétaro Guest House for 4 weeks or more, the monthly rates apply. The cost includes rental of the room, all utilities, and full access to the public areas of the Querétaro Guest House. If you have any questions about the facilities and costs at the Querétaro Guest House in Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico please do not hesitate to contact us.

Rental Queretaro Mexico - Queretaro Apartments - Queretaro Guest House - Bedroom 1
At the Querétaro Guest House we are happy to answer any questions you may have about our facilities or about the beautiful city of Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico. For anything at all, please do not hesitate to contact us.